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RSM-MetroWest offers top-quality instruction in mathematics for children grades Pre-K through 12. In addition to math classes, RSM students can participate in Math Olympiads for Elementary and Middle Schools (MOEMS) preparation teams and SAT preparation workshops.


Mathematics for Grades Per-K trough 12

We accept children of all levels. Once admitted, we arrange classes by level, according to the placement tests initially, and subsequently based on the results of our regular assessments. We help those who struggle with math feel more confident in their abilities and more comfortable in their regular school. Those who were "OK" in math but considered it rather boring, we hope will find out that math is exciting and beautiful. We will give them a chance to excel, to try a taste of logic puzzles, math competitions and in general intellectual fun. Those who are doing well in math class and believe that they do not need additional training, will be challenged to their capacity and will be given a chance to shine in national competitions.

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Math Challenge

Math Challenge Class is offered as a 12 session program in summer. This class provides an opportunity to cover a number of advanced topics for which there is usually no time in the mainstream curriculum.  In addition, the class offers a variety of unusual problems, including those drawn from two decades of math competitions all over the world. Math Challenge classes are offered at three levels: lower elementary, upper elementary, and middle school. The class content is developed new for each session to make sure students can take it in subsequent years if desired.

SAT I Math Preparation

RSM-MetroWest offers this intensive course to high school students. It includes complete preparation for the current SAT I Math section, including theory, problem solving technique, and extensive practice. 
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Summer SAT preparation class would be a great help for those students who are considering applying to JHU CTY next January. We highly recommend taking advantage of this opportunity to strengthen your SAT taking skills without the stress and the load of extra work during the school year.



Summer School

We offer a six-week summer math program. Our classes are in the late afternoon and early evening, usually twice a week, and can be easily combined with summer camp and other summer activities.