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K-12 Math Classes

Below is a brief overview of classes for our new incoming students. All incoming students are required to take a placement test.

Please contact the office to schedule a placement test.


Kids and Numbers (kindergarten age and up)

Students compare, combine, analyze, continue the pattern, group, explore the number line, look for the missing number (next year we will call it an equation with a variable), sometimes even look for the missing signs of arithmetic operations. Class meets for 1.5 hrs once a week.

Level 1 (grades 1-2)

This class starts with basic operations, shapes and their perimeters. Students solve puzzles, and get their first introduction to variables and word problems - and have lots of fun. Class meets for 1.5 hrs once a week.

Level 2 (grades 1-3)

The emphasis of the class is on development of abstract and critical thinking. Topics include Multiplication and Division, Order of Operations, Area and Perimeter. Students are introduced to equations and variables via games with balance scales, magic squares, etc. First introduction to functions through the "Guess my rule" games. Class meets for 2 hrs once a week.

Level 3 (grades 2-4)

Students get their first introduction to Laws of Arithmetic and Order of Operations, find Area and Perimeter of compound shapes. Functions, Equations, Logical problems, and word problems. First introduction to fractions. Class meets for 2 hrs once a week.

Level 4 (grades 3-5)

The motto of the class  “Don't do it hard – do it smart!” using  laws of arithmetic. Word problems, equations, algebraic transformations and functions. Triangles, quadrilaterals, polygons, find their area and perimeter. Fractions and still more logic problems. Class meets for 2 hrs once a week.

Level 5 (grades 4-6)

The class moves from “Guess and check” to formal translation to an equation. Elementary distance, time, and rate problems. Notion of divisibility and divisibility rules. Logical problems, some elements of geometry. Class meets for 2 hrs once a week.

Level 6 Algebra and Geometry (grades 5-7)

This class is offered either as a 3-hour Algebra and Geometry Combo, or as separate 2 hour Algebra and 1 hour Geometry classes.The class can be taken as a a 3 hour block once a week or split in two classes a week.

The Algebra portion of the class covers Pre-Algebra topics such as Ratios, Proportions, Percents and Absolute values skills. Those topics are critical for SAT, and are essential tools for subsequent courses.

The Geometry portion of the class provides an overview of angles, parallel lines, triangles, polygons, quadrilaterals, circles. Geometry often becomes an obstacle for our youngest SAT-I takers: while they are usually brilliant at Algebra, they lack the geometry knowledge to get the highest grade. This course will provide an early start, and allows for a thorough proof-based exposition to Geometry 1 topics in the following year in the continuing class.

Level 7 Algebra (grades 7-9)

The course covers topics usually seen in Algebra I Honors courses: Linear Equations, Word problems, Algebraic Expressions, Exponents, Polynomials, system of Linear Equations. Great for 8th and 9th graders with some “gaps” in their knowledge, and 7th graders who would like to excel. The class meets once a week for 2.5 hours. Corresponding course - Level 7 Geometry. Can be taken as one 4 hour combo on a weekend or as two independent classes.

Level 7 Geometry (grades 7-8)

This is a companion to Algebra 7 class. It is offered to students who did not take Geometry 6, and covers the basics of Geometry I with some proofs. Topics include angles, parallel lines, triangles, polygons, quadrilaterals, circles. This class is extremely important for those targeting taking the SAT test for JHU CTY in 8th grade, as about 40% of SAT problems can be on geometry. It also provides excellent preparation for High School Geometry. The class meets 1.5 hours once a week in conjunction with Algebra 7 on a weekend, or as a stand-alone class.

Level 8 Algebra (grades 7-9)

Highly Recommended for 8th graders and 9th-10th graders with some “gaps”, this class covers Exponents, Polynomials, Systems of Inequalities, Special Products and Quadratic Equations. The class meets once a week for 2.5 hours.

Level 8 Geometry (grades 7-9)

HS Geometry students: here is a way to survive one of the most difficult courses of the High School curriculum. Learn the Deductive reasoning, Congruent and Similar triangles & quadrilaterals, Geometric inequalities, Areas of plane figures and Area/Volume of Solids. Prerequisite: Geometry I.

Pre-Calculus I /SAT II 1C Prep (Level 9, gr. 8-10)

This is a 4 hour class covering algebraic and geometric concepts of Pre-Calculus, as well as additional topics required by SAT II 1C. Topics include Exponents and Logarithms, Functions I, Sequences and Series. Trigonometry I, 3D geometry, Coordinate Geometry, etc.

Pre-Calculus II /SAT II 2C Prep (Level 10, gr. 9-11)

This is a 4 hour class covering more advanced topics of Pre-Calculus, targeting students preparing for SAT II 2C test. This course is a pre-requisite to AP Calculus. Review of Pre-Calculus 1 topics, Functions 2, Trigonometry 2, Vectors, Polar Coordinates, Conic Sections, etc.

AP Calculus AB (grades 10-12)

This intensive class prepares for AP Calculus (AB) test. It meets once a week for 4 hours on a weekend.

SAT-I & ACT Preparation (grades 9-11)

This year-long class provides an in-depth review of Algebra and Geometry topics necessary for SAT. Join this class to boost your SAT scores! The class meets once a week for 4 hours on weekends. (See also our Summer SAT preparation classes here)



Summer Classes

Our summer schedule can be found here. Summer is a great time to reinforce what is learned over the school year, get a head start on the upcoming academic year, or try something new like Advanced Topics, offered for all age groups.

New students should come in for a free evaluation prior to selecting a summer class.

Current RSM students who are considering summer school should discuss placement with their teacher, or direct questions to Alla Farizon (levels 6 and up) or Karla Talanian (levels K-5).